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 Maria A- Angela is an amazing coach. She helped me to put together my thoughts and instructions for a regular presentation I give in front of total strangers. Before her coaching, my presentation seemed chaotic, but she gave me tips on how to command the audience and how to present in a fun and effective way. Thank you Angela Pride!

Diane M.  "..the Cs are truth. Didn't really think about people being "cautious" when women are in a leadership role, but they are. You are on point with "confidence" and clarity/communication, and "curiosity", OMG! Chapter 4, I identified with a lot!!"

Pam D.  Excerpt from "When Women Lead" by Angela Pride
Ladies we need to take more risk. We must start putting ourselves out there more. We must allow our Boldness, Confidence, and Courage to Grow. Take charge ladies and remember your next level will involve risk. Let go of the fear and Grow.
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Lisa P "I also thought it might be helpful to share topics that we'd like to hear about at our meetings. For example, I'd love to learn more about Linkedin and I believe Angela Pride has a great knowledge base. Perhaps she has a class she offers that she could post about or perhaps she could share about it at a meeting."

Maria A. "What a great night at the Power of No seminar. Thank you to Angela Pride who is an amazing speaker and gave us great advice."

Becky M. "Angela Pride was awesome! We were more than happy to come out to support her! She has inspired me in so many ways & truly encourages me. If you are ever looking for a speaker, she's the best! Her programs are phenomenal. I encourage people to not only purchase her book, but the other programs she offers. Especially for young ladies & even young teens!"

Mazzie D. "Big S/O to Mrs. Angela Pride, for taking time out of her busy day, to come and share a message with my girls at our Awards Celebration yesterday. Thank you for being a wonderful role model for my girls, and young woman everywhere. #2015-2016AwardsCelebration#CoachWithPride"


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