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"Angela Pride was the speaker today at BGC Cowpens. She is a mother,author, leader, and great speaker." Kenneth L.

"Angela Pride you are truly an inspiration to women! I count it an honor to have met you!" Becky C.

"What a great night at the Power of No seminar. Thank you to Angela Pride who is an amazing speaker and gave us great advice." Maria A.

"Shout out to Angela Pride for my morning motivation" Meiko K.

" I had the pleasure of reconnecting with this beautiful, strong, intelligent woman again today. Angela, you inspire me to "use my voice" and be passionate about what I offer. I'm so blessed to have met you. God is bringing positive, role models into my life." Vickie B

"...thank you for the Word you placed on your LinkedIn page on last week regarding "Procrastination is NOT your Friend!" That hit home for me on so many levels." Jeanecia B

Excerpt from "When Women Lead" by Angela Pride
"Ladies we need to take more risk. We must start putting ourselves out there more. We must allow our Boldness, Confidence, and Courage to Grow. Take charge ladies and remember your next level will involve risk. Let go of the fear and Grow.
Contact her to get the book for more valuable nuggets! ?#‎loveit? ?#‎whenwomenlead?" Pam D.

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When women lead, a book directed toward all leadership but women in particular. It has been my experience that women often times struggle with certain areas while in leadership. This book will help you to overcome the leadership hurdles that often arise. When women leads speaks specically to areas of self management and accountability; encouraging women to be bold and continue leading with confidence. 

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